Shifts, Turns, New Beginnings… Tshuvah

Movement of Spirit

As I bask in seasonal shifts of the sun, nature’s sounds and temperature, my mind and spirit stir with anticipation of new beginnings, of change.

Although it’s been years since I’ve formally celebrated the Jewish holidays, like clockwork, my soul reverberates with Tshuvah’s intentions.

Pronounced ti-shoo-vah, and meaning “to turn” in Hebrew, my mind swirls with ponderings of what it is I will turn toward in the coming year as my spiritual re-alignment beckons to begin anew.

Whenever I visualize the concept of Tshuvah, I see a physical shifting of energy, my hand or body literally turning 90 degrees. And yet it’s only been a result of my recent Tshuvah meditations that I connected the dots, consciously, that each of my kinetic pieces embodies the concept of Tshuvah. Talk about an aha moment!

Like so many knowings, spirit expressed inner truth before my mind caught up. I now recognize that subconsciously, on a spirit level, Tshuvah’s intentions have long been woven into my art practice given that for years I’ve described my moving sculptures as “…twirling and dancing with the air around us, energy shifts, spirit awakens, transformation occurs.” Apparently Tshuvah makes its way into title conjuring too, such as in “Movement of Spirit” which I created in 2012 as part of a spirit stick series. So the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.” Wow…

As we “turn” over a new leaf this Fall, let’s plant new roots, spread our branches and blossom anew.

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